Private coaching

Emotional Healing & Self-Sabotage Coaching

What is this?
Emotional healing and self sabotage coaching is the gateway to to total freedom.
It asks you to reopen wounds that may have never healed and examine them under a magnifying glass. It asks you to acknowledge your feelings, own your feelings, and then feel your feelings. It asks you to go back to childhood and relive some of your most influential, and perhaps painful memories. It asks you to be honest, to be brave, and to be authentic.

What can I expect?
Expect the unexpected.
I will intuitively and organically guide us through each session. Sessions will look and feel differently as there is no planned agenda on my end. We may start with a conversation about a present feeling or recent trigger that will then lead us back to an earlier memory. From there, the unexpected will reveal itself.

What Is The Point?
To acknowledge our shadows.
To find our way to the origin of our wounding.
To acknowledge the people involved with that wound and then find present day projections we may be unconciously operating from.
To find how this wound has created a behavior pattern in your present life and then rewire that behavior pattern.
To move into a space where you operate out of self-love rather than self-sabotage.
To meet your most authentic self in the process and experience total freedom.

Emotional healing and self sabotage rewiring is one of the most challenging yet rewarding practices I have ever committed to. I am honored to hold space for others as they begin their journey down this wild path. Know that committing to this journey requires all of you. The more you give, the more you will receive. If you are feeling deeply called to consciously expand your human experience, this may be the next step for you.

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