Working with Bree sounds like..

Grace – “Bree put an end to 25 years of me waking up each morning with low back pain. Bree transformed my posture (anterior pelvic tilt and knock knees), taught me to stand tall and strong and my body is forever changed. She activated my dormant muscles and when I “found my butt” it was like flipping a switch from turned off to turned on, from flat to round, from underdeveloped to toned and functioning. And Bree did all of this in just two months. All in all, I’d say she is a miracle worker and my body is living proof that her work gets results. Bree can “connect the dots” and sees how all injuries and weaknesses in the body are interrelated – even though I came in to get my hip flexors fixed, Bree fixed and gave me back so much more: glutes, psoas, TVA, improved stance, stronger grip, and no more lumbar pain. Take it from me, a girl who since her teens has seen countless MDs, PTs, chiropractors, X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs, only to be told that there’s nothing wrong with her body and the pain is all in her head: Bree is the revolution your body has been waiting for.”

Melanie –“I worked with Bree for a year of incredible life changes. She helped me rebuild core stability and deal with back pain that started due to an hour+ commute to work. Then, after I found out I was pregnant, she modified my exercises beautifully as my form grew and changed. She didn’t shy away from challenging me throughout the pregnancy–she knew just how to modify everything to support the changes my body was experiencing. I will forever be thankful for Bree’s friendship during this special time. She supported my wish to have a home birth, to enrich myself and my child with a nutrient dense diet, and to follow my instincts throughout the pregnancy. Bree is more than a movement expert. She is a woman and mother of incredible depth and generosity, and I am so grateful my daughter and I were in her orbit during those formative months.”

Kristie -“Before Bree’s class, I thought I hated yoga. It didn’t feel like it was something for me and I couldn’t understand why so many of my friends loved it. Then I tried Bree’s class and by the second one, I was in love! She facilitates in a very inviting and calming way and reminds me that every individual’s practice and skill level is different, and that’s ok. She’s always willing to answer questions I have about specific poses and will help form correct if needed. She’s hands down my favorite yoga instructor I’ve had and makes me want to continue to practice more regularly.”

Judy – “My goal was to be able to do one pull up. Never been able to do one in my entire life. Bree was a cheerful and motivating force at every session. My workouts were never boring and I left every one feeling better than when I came in. I am happy to report that after our time together, not only was I able to do a pull up, but I got a big ol’ booty. Thanks Bree!”

Sean – “Bree’s energy, motivation and example is what makes you put down your laptop and head in to the gym for a great sweat. She’s undeniably one of the best!”

Erin – “Bree is a top-notch trainer. I have never felt stronger – physically or mentally – than during our sessions together. Where she really excels is in sharing her yoga practice with others. Her class always left me calm, centered, and ready to take on the challenges of my hectic Silicon Valley life.”

Hazel – “I had a fairly life-changing experience working with Bree, if I’m honest. I came to Bree after gaining over 50 pounds, and wanting to start dancing again. I had suffered from a few injuries that I never fully understood or recovered from. She took the time to understand my body, how it worked and what it needed – as well as understanding my mind, the emotional blockers I had with exercise, and what I needed to keep motivated. I worked with her for a little over a year and lost about 30 pounds. She and I focused on strength training almost exclusively, and finding the movements that felt most meaningful and supported my goals in dance classes. Working with her absolutely allowed me to re-focus on classical ballet in a way I simply would have not been able to if I hadn’t been working with her. She has a real knack for meeting you exactly where you are. In both your body and your soul. In times that my body hurt, we slowed down and stretched through it. In times that I felt bullish, she pushed me to never give up on the pull up bar. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Jane – “The most important, yet unspoken, quality in a trainer is how they make you feel. To some extent, any trainer can walk you through a workout, and just leave it at that. Bree not only helped me get into the best shape of my life, but also helped me improve my overall lifestyle. Her exercises target multiple muscles at once, and she’s really helped me tune into my body. She’s such a positive and strong person to be around, that it’s impossible not to feed off her energy and want to be more like her.”