Chapter 9: Abundance

December 16th, 2018

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you. I hope this email finds you with support around your spine, a strong back, and an open heart. I hope your are asking yourself what you need daily and taking good care of those needs this winter. As for me, I have felt under-the-weather the last few days. I have had cold symptoms. I have felt quiet. I have felt observant. This morning, I feel rested and ready to share some words.
Let’s drop in.

Yesterday was an extremely productive day for me, despite my energy levels feeling a bit low. I spent most of my morning working on my book and taking the appropriate steps to keep moving forward. I quickly realized that I needed support around these steps; I couldn’t do it alone. I had two beautiful, powerful, women in mind and I reached out to both. One for new headshots and the other for designing my book cover. Within the day, both had gotten back to me and said yes.
Boom. Remember this.
Eventually I got to a point where I needed to take a break from my laptop and leave my house. I headed to the grocery store. Quick tangent: Any other parent get so much satisfaction going to the grocery store alone? Woah. It’s like a walking meditation.
Back to the story.
I was moving pretty slowly as I was grocery shopping. I went down every aisle, twice, and looked closely at prices to find the most financially friendly option. I haven’t always operated this way but if you read my newsletter a few weeks back, you know I am currently rewiring my relationship with money. Anyways, I arrived to the nut butter section. You know, the peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter section. I was specifically looking for almond butter and completely astonished by prices.
$21 for 12 ounces of almond butter?
Do people seriously grab for that option?
Are those almonds blessed by shamans?
I had my little moment and then grabbed for the smallest and cheapest option. I then walked over to the bulk section to see what the price difference was there.
$17.99 for a pound of almond butter. I looked at the plastic containers and wondered how much almond butter would fit in it and how much weight it would be if it was completely full. I could have walked away at this point but remember, I was kid-free and super motivated to find the friendliest financial option.
(And yes, if you are wondering, this entire story is about almond butter and we are only about half way through. Grab some popcorn.)

Instead of walking away, I spotted the closest employee and asked him for some help.
Our conversation went something like this:
Me: Hi, I could probably figure this out on my own but I feel like asking for help.
Him: Great. How can I help?
Me: I am curious how much almond butter can fit into this plastic container, do you know?
Him: I actually don’t. Let’s try it out.
Me: But wait! I don’t want to pay for a pound of almond butter. I simply want to compare the price to this other almond butter jar and see which choice makes most sense.
Him: How about this, let’s fill this entire thing up and see if it costs more than your other jar. I don’t think it will but if it does, I’ll cut you a deal.
Me: Okay. Has anyone ever asked about this before?
Him: No, and now I am also curious so this is good for the both of us.

He filled the entire container up and then weighed it. It was just over a pound which means it was roughly $20 of almond butter. We both were shocked.

Him: Wow. That surprises me. I will match the price of your other jar and give this entire thing to you.
Me: Woah. Are you sure? I can just buy the other jar.
Him: Very sure. I’ll hold onto this until you are ready to check out.

I grab a few other items and run into this employee again as he is writing something on top of the lid.

Him: My shift just ended and I have to get to a massage now. You are all taken care of, just tell the cashier at check out.

I look down at the lid and there, written in ink is: paid. I look back up at him with confusion.

Him: It’s taken care of. It’s yours. It was nice to meet you.

As he walks away, I am still standing there in disbelief. Did I just get $20 of almond butter, for free? And why? I was so willing to pay? And in that moment the universe sent me a message.
She said, ask for support, receive abundance.

If I ask for support, I receive abundance.
I asked a friend to help me with new headshots. She said yes.
I asked a friend to help me with my book cover. She said yes.
I asked an employee at new leaf to help me find the friendliest priced almond butter. He said yes.


We cannot do everything alone. We can certainly try, but we will likely find ourselves feeling stagnant, exhausted, and frustrated. I tend to take on everything I do with the mindset of: I have to do it by myself or I am not successful or worthy. Icky self-sabotaging mindset. Scarcity mindset. A mindset I am learning to rewire. Yesterday was a beautiful example of what abundance feels like. Yesterday’s interactions inspire me to ask for support, more often. Yesterday I felt stagnant, exhausted, and frustrated, and then three angels appeared as soon as I gave myself permission to be supported.

My dearest reader, I want to encourage you to ask for support. Whether it is from someone you love dearly or a stranger nearby. Ask for support.
Whether it is because you can’t push a cart full of groceries and carry a clingy toddler back to your car simultaneously or because you want to find the cheapest option of almond butter.
Ask for support.
Not only do I encourage you to ask for support but I also want to encourage you to receive it.
Ask for support.
Receive that support.
Marinate in the abundance.
You are so fucking deserving of that.

With gratitude,
Bree Irene Gwinner

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