Where There Is Rain, There Is Growth.

You know that saying, ‘When it rains, it pours’? Well, I don’t like it and actually never have. Is it supposed to make the person you’re speaking with feel better? I’m officially vetoing that saying. Ever since naming my daughter, I am pretty sensitive to any negative association with rain. Rain is a beautiful part of nature that gets trampled with negativity, because it is inconvenient and slows us humans down. But without rain, we likely wouldn’t be here. So, I have a new saying to share with you: ‘Where there is rain, there is growth.’ This is continuously proven in nature and this is exactly how life feels right now.

I feel like I am caught in an oceans’ wave. As soon as I catch my ground, I get barreled back under. Then I gasp for air and another wave hits me. I cannot keep my head above water for too long. This is just a metaphor of course. No one is physically harming me and I can actually breathe quite fine right now.

Life has just felt particularly challenging lately. I feel physically and emotionally worn down. My heart is aching. My mind has been nonstop in the fast lane. Like a wild fire. Here’s another saying for you: ‘Where there is light, there is also fire.’ This feels very relevant, too. It feels like I cannot put out the flames, no matter how hard I try. So, it just keeps burning and I just keep watching and wishing it would rain again. See what I did there?

But here is the thing: there is no one person or situation to blame for this metaphorical fire. It is so easy to blame, have you noticed? Your partner, your family, your child, your job, your boss, your city, your government, your life. Why is this so easy? Because it requires no internal effort. It requires no internal growth. Well, it is time to take some responsibility. This is exactly where I am at right now. I have been blaming and complaining  and wondering why I feel the way I do. I have been focusing so much on the external that I have completely forgot to look within. To take responsibility. I am choosing what has meaning. Every choice I make creates my reality. If my reality is unfulfilling – that’s because I created it! And that is hard to swallow. At least for me. I am the creator of my happiness, fulfillment, and reality. Damn.

Taking responsibility. That is where I will begin. Maybe that’s where you will begin, too.

Where there is light, there is also fire.

Where there is rain, there is growth.

with so much love,


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