What style of Yoga do you teach?

Ah. A question that is so often asked and I still feel like I cannot answer. What style of Yoga did I study 200 hours of? Hatha with Anusara inspiration. What style of Yoga do I like to practice? The style that gets me deeply connected with my breath and my body. The style that makes me shiver and cry in Savasana. The teacher who says not the words I want to hear, but what I need to hear. The style that transfers over to my every day life and helps me move, speak, and breathe with grace. Not the easiest or quickest way to describe the “style” that I teach. When I hear style, I think of a trend. Something that will eventually fade away because it isn’t popular enough. Isn’t good enough. Didn’t make enough money or attract the “right” people. I don’t ever want to teach a style of yoga. I want to teach Yoga from my heart. I want to relate. I want to connect. I want to be exactly who I am, without thinking I need to be more or less. I want to hold space for my students, so they can hold space for others in return. Space to feel. Space to be true. Space to be vulnerable. So, that is my style of Yoga.

From my heart space to yours,

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