I am Bree,


I am a mama, teacher of meditation and movement, emotional healing and self-sabotage coach, and a writer. I am also a dancer, a pianist, and a boxer. Regardless of what role I am in, I am passionate about connecting deeply with myself and with others, be it through stories and words, silence and stillness, or movement and play.

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“I miss the comfort

I miss the known

but comfort can be toxic

and now it is time to grow.”
Page 10, Sharing From My Heart 


“Sometimes with change
comes uncertainty

and walking the path of the unknown

but remember

to have traveled to where you are now

there likely was some confusion
 and suffering

but you made it

and you will continue to do so

don’t forget
 about trust

it seems to be

 essential component
when life

 feels uncertain

you do not need to have all the answers

permission to be in it

permission to be a student

Page 101, Sharing From My Heart